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What would you say if I told you that there is a place in Metro Manila that can provide you with all the peace and quiet that you want, and yet is still just minutes away from major business and commercial districts? Many long-time residents of the Metro will not believe this but there is actually a place like this. To make things much better, it is a condominium building. Located just at the outskirts of Pasig City is the Oxford Mansion condominium, a place that provides just the right amount of seclusion and accessibility and it just might be your next home.

The Oxford Mansion is an eight-story mixed residential and commercial condominium building that is located in central Santolan, Pasig City. The condominium was erected by the City Group of Companies, which is a name that you probably have not heard of mainly because the company is a relative newcomer to the industry. However, what you might not know is that the company actually has a number of condominium buildings under its belt, all of which are under the Cityland moniker and most of them are located in Manila, Pasay, and Makati City.

Do keep in mind that the Oxford Mansion is not brand new. By all means, it has been in operation for quite some time now, which is why the exterior design of the building seems a bit dated. However, the building management team of the City Group of Companies actually did a great job at maintaining the building and its facilities, which is why the Oxford Mansion looks a lot younger than its actual years both inside and out.

Now that you have a bit of information about the pedigree of the Oxford Mansion, you might be a bit more convinced to invest in a unit there. There are three types of residential units that you can choose from in the Oxford Mansion: one-bedroom, two-bedroom, and three-bedroom units. Regardless if you are living alone or if you are raising your own family, you will find the perfect residential unit in the Oxford Mansion for your particular needs.

The one-bedroom residential flat has a total floor area of 21 square meters. Now, you might think that is a bit too small for a one-bedroom apartment but the one-bedroom units are actually cleverly designed to make full use of every square inch of floor space. There is more than enough space for a small dining table and you can probably also fit a small sofa and a wall mounted television for the living room area. The kitchen comes with a built-in tiled counter and backsplash, stainless steel sink, and modular cabinets. There is also a provision for a full-sized refrigerator and an electric/induction stove. The bedroom is big enough for a double-sized bed, and it also has a built-in clothes cabinet. In addition you can find a provision for a split-type air conditioner.

If you will be sharing the space with a roommate or if you are married with one child, you should check out the two-bedroom units. These residential apartments have 26 square meters of floor space. The extra space is used for the additional bedroom and for adding a bit more floor space to the Master’s bedroom. The Master’s bedroom is almost 30% larger than the regular room, providing more than enough room for a queen-size bed and a few more furnishings. The living area is a bit larger than the one in the one-bedroom units, but not by much so you can still put the same furnishings.

If you have a medium-sized family, you will need a bit more space than what the previous two units can provide. If so, you need to see the three-bedroom flats. These apartments have a total of 45 square meters of floor space. The additional floor area is not just used for the extra room. It is also used to give the living area a bit of a size upgrade. Now, you can fit a dining table for four, and a sofa, coffee table, and a wall console for your television and other entertainment media. These units are suitable for families of four or five, as there is more than enough room to go around.

All units come with balconies. However, the balcony of the three-bedroom units are much more spacious at roughly three times the size of the balconies in the one and two-bedroom residential units. All units also come with fully-tiled and furnished bathrooms, tiled floors, and plain painted walls and ceilings.

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