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The Oxford Mansion is quite basic when it comes to features and amenities. Do take note that this condominium is not like the other high-end residential skyscrapers, nor does it claim to be. The Oxford Mansion aims to provide budget-friendly condominium units that even the common middle-class worker can afford, so do not expect world-class features and amenities from the condominium. However, with that said, it does not mean that the Oxford Mansion is completely devoid of any amenity. It actually covers all of the basics quite well.

First of all, the building management made sure that the residents are completely safe and sound by employing a team of highly-trained security personnel to keep watch of every person that goes through the main entrance. They are responsible for screening the people who go inside to make sure that no uninvited guests have access to the residential units. There is always at least one uniformed security guard at the main lobby of the building while several others are posted at the other entrances and are patrolling the public areas of the building.

To make doubly sure that no one escapes the security team, a dozen or so security cameras are installed in strategic positions all over the condominium building, so even if someone manages to slip past the guards, they will not be able to escape the cameras.

The entire condominium compound is also enclosed by a tall concrete fence, so the only way in and out of the complex is through the main gate, which is always watched over by security personnel and CCTV cameras. You really do not have to worry about the safety and well-being of your family when you decide to live in the Oxford Mansion.

Although the Oxford Mansion is considered by many as a budget-friendly condominium, it does have a swimming pool area. The pool is actually pretty spacious, and there is also a shallow part where little kids can safely wade and splash about. This is a neat addition to the condominium since it will provide you with a way to escape the punishing heat of the Metro Manila summers.

Some of the spaces at the ground floor of the condominium building are leased by a couple of commercial services. There is a convenience store that is open 24/7 so you do not even have to go too far if you need to buy a couple of essentials, especially when it is already a bit late in the night. There are also other businesses that lease the spaces on the ground floor, like a laundry shop, and other businesses that the residents of the condominium can make use of.

The Oxford Mansion is not a luxury condominium, so you should not actually expect resort-like amenities. However, you should also not discount the condominium too much. The condominium complex actually has all of the basic amenities that you would want from a residential building, and a whole lot more.

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